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I wanted to hit a DB load the results into an associative array since I only had key/ value pairs returned. Doesn' t actually matter now as I' ve fetched it while building the array, but. Php get array key with highest value.
If you just want the largest value in the array use the max function. Isnt there a function for finding the maximum value of a key in a numeric turn Values. I loaded them into an array because I wanted to manipulate the data further after the DB select but I didn' t want to hit the DB more than necessary. It does not change the original array.

This will return the largest value, although not the corresponding key. The max( ) function returns the highest value in an array the highest value of several specified values. It does not move the pointer in any finition and Usage.

Get the highest Value form multidimensional array using for loop. Hi See my code below display those cars to homepage to show off the most popular cars.

The key( ) function simply returns the key of the array element that' s currently being pointed to by the internal pointer. Iā€™ m trying to get hold of the largest value in an array, while still preserving the item labels. I know I can do this by running sort( ), but if I do so I simply lose the labels ā€“ which makes it pointless for what I need.

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From an array that looks something like the following, how can I get the index of the highest value in the array. For the array below, the desired result would be ' 11'. If the first and only parameter is an array, max( ) returns the highest value in that array.
If at least two parameters are provided, max( ) returns the biggest of these values.
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